After my old home page was mysteriously deleted, I decided to create a new one. It has a new video ("IGN's History of the Gameboy" video) and added a new greeting to the page as well. There is also a visitor counter and will display the amount of visitors.


04/16/2012 00:37

I worship the spirit of creation, worship, worship, worship of force blood heart, I worship, worship, worship sorrow bomb damage, one of the greatest, popular person get everything. Wealth lose heart, wealth is lost. Therefore we should node popularity.

04/23/2012 01:32

I like you here, feel is good, so often to walk around.

05/11/2012 00:13

Reserve one meter sunshine and put them in atrium. Elated wind, tap my heart window.

05/30/2012 05:32

will return soon

07/13/2012 13:32

Fine info dude


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