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What it looks like in-game! The graphics are kind of 'cutesy', I guess would be the best word to describe them.
You'll see this screen QUITE often.
    Yes, I'm aware that today's review was scheduled to be Tomagatchi, but unfortunately my cartridge was broken, so I turned to emulation and the sprites were glitched on the Rom i tried, thus making it unplayable and unable to be reviewed. I have a game for you guys today still, and it's a little ditty known as F1 Race!

    F1 Race began as a Japanese Famicom game in 1984, and it later was remade for the Gameboy in 1990. Both versions play similar to Namco's Pole Position, but the Gameboy version is a bit different from it's Famicom ancestor outside of the gameplay aspects. In F1 Race for the Gameboy, you get 3 modes of play. You get a Grand Prix mode where you will traverse the globe over the course of 8 races on 8 tracks in various countries in the world (Australia, Canada, the USA, Portugal, Japan, Brazil, the USSR and India) and each track is progressively harder as you fight for first place in each race to win the championship, a Time Trial mode where you can race each track and try to get your best lap times as well as practice for Grand Prix mode, and the awesome Multiplay mode, where, with a link cable and up to 4 other Gameboys, can race your friends on each of the courses.

    The game is a really solid racing game with smooth controls and great track design, but if there's one flaw this game has, it's the difficulty. The computer will own you royally as you try to stay in 1st place. They tend to tail right behind you and as soon as you mess up they go in for the kill and you'll go from 1st place to 8th faster than you can say 'Damn'. It really got to me when I was younger, so much so that I actually smashed my cartridge with a hammer one day after losing for the umpteenth time. It still works oddly enough, and I used it for this review, so now we know how well made GB carts were!

    F1 Race is an undeniable classic of the Gameboy library. It's not the best, but it's a nice little racer for what it i and I'd recommend giving it a try. It's really cheap these days!

F1 Race for the Gameboy gets a 7/10!

This has been a Gameboy World Review of F1 Race! If you'd like me to review a game, give me a holler in my E-Mail inbox and I'll get it reviewed! Check the Homepage for my contact info. Cheers!

Buy F1 Race from Amazon here: http://www.amazon.com/F1-Race-Game-Boy/dp/B00004TMYC

As always, Emulation is an option, but not advised as you don't get the true experience the actual game gives.

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