Have you ever wanted to play Bingo on your Gameboy? I doubt it. But if you have, Panel Action Bingo isn't what you're looking for.

See, Panel Action Bingo is a unique puzzle game where you play as a bird who has to move numbers or letters (you get to choose numbers or letters) off of a board in numerical or alphabetical order in a race to remove a full row of 5 numbers/letters (or to get a BINGO) against a computer controlled cat.

Lose and you're greeted to your bird falling to the ground dead. How pleasant.

Since it's a puzzle game, there's not much else to say besides it's fun yet wierd at the same time. I'd recommend it as it is a cheap game and is worth a buck or two, maybe just to show a friend or to even play it with a friend as it has a two player mode where Player 2 is the cat. 

9/7/2012 05:40:33 am

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