The cover, calling it both 'Special Pikachu Edition' and 'Yellow Version'. It was the first game to be based off the Anime of the same name.
The title screen of the game. Give Pikachu a 'What's up!', you'll be seeing him a lot throughout this game.
A classic game that brought Nintendo a huge amount if success for the Gameboy around the world, Pokemon Yellow (known as Pocket Monsters Yellow in Japan and has the official name of 'Special Pikachu Editiion') was released October 1, 1999 here in the US. It was the third of 3 games in the series here in the US. Japan got a 4th game, which was a combonation of Pocket Monsters Red and Green (Green being a Japan only release). Pokemon Yellow is a combination of both the Red and Blue versions released earlier.

Pokemon Yellow is the definitive version of the old DMG pokemon games, it featured Color graphics (for the GBC) as well as all the Pokemon from Red and Blue. Its a free roaming RPG set in a modern world where creatures known as Pokemon roam the world freely until captured by a Trainer who can level them up to take on Gym Leaders, or the bosses, to win the 8 Gym Badges and to capture every Pokemon to beat the game.

Pokemon Yellow is a pretty emmersive game, it's lore isn't exactly deep compared to more modern video games such as the Elder Scrolls franchise or Mass Effect for example, but it gets the job done considering it's based off of the nostalgic TV show bearing the same name. There isn't much to say about Pokemon that hasn't been said, but it's a classic RPG everyone should play at least once or twice.

The franchise has gone in a different direction recently, with the soon release of Pokemon X  & Y that are in full 3D (both graphically in-game and built-in with 3D graphics that jump out of the screen at you as they are planned for a Nintendo 3DS release.) and the inevitable Pokemon Z (which they aptly named X & Y for the reason of giving fans a hint that yes, the next game will indeed be Pokemon Z and will combine the Pokemon from X & Y into it like Yellow and other titles in the series did), the franchise is going from focusing on gameplay to focusing on graphics and new Pokemon. They just don't feel as special as they used to.

I'm far from a Pokemon fan, though like most kids I used to, but Yellow really is a great game. If you like RPG's, give this one a go if you haven't already.

I give Pokemon Yellow for the DMG GB/GBC a 9/10.

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Buy Pokemon Yellow from Amazon here: http://www.amazon.com/Pokemon-Version-Special-Game-Boy-Advance/dp/B000047GEI

As always, Emulation is an option, but not advised as you don't get the true experience the actual game gives.

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