Gameboy Classics Version Cover. Yes, the same logo for 'Nintendo Classics' was used on the box artvof the Mario 25th Anniversary re-release of Super Mario All-Stars for the Wii.
Gameplay Screen
    Doing a review of SML is really hard. What about it hasn't been said before? With that in mind, this review is going to be somewhat short and sweet, as its not a very deep or complex game.

    Super Mario Land took the Gameboy to new hieghts by showing Mario could be brought with you on the go. It was originally going to be the pack-in game to come with the original Gameboy set in stores in 1989, but Nintendo went with Tetris to bundle in with them instead, and a good choice on their part as Tetris was a game for people of all ages and made the Gameboy feel like less of a toy and more like a games machine (but Tetris will be a review for another day :D).

    In SML, your goal is to go through 8 worlds, each with 3 stages and varying art styles like in SMB (except it had 4 stages per world instead of 3), and your goal is to save Princess Daisy. During your adventure, you'll run and jump your way through levels, as well as fly and sub your way through the intuitive for the time airplane and submarine stages. At the end of each level, you're presented with a tower that has two doors, one at the bottom and one at the top. The bottom one you can just walk to and you'll go straight to the next level, but the top door is a challenge to get to and you get to play the bonus game to get extra lives.

    All the levels are well designed, the controls are smooth, and the gameplay, while simple, is fun. As I said, it's not a really deep game, so this review is short. I totally recommend SML if you haven't played it before.

I give Super Mario Land an 8/10.

This has been a Gameboy World Review of Super Mario Land! If you'd like me to review a game, give me a holler in my E-Mail inbox and I'll get it reviewed! Check the Homepage for my contact info. Cheers!

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As always, Emulation is an option, but not advised as you don't get the true experience the actual game gives.

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