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Aww yeah! About to score a Tetris!
Tetris. THE game that made the Gameboy an icon. It's a game with a simple premise; line up the blocks that fall from the top to remove rows at the bottom. It was done many times before the Gameboy's version on PCs of the time and the NES, but the Gameboy version seems to be the most nostalgic to gamers. Bundled with the Original 1989 Gameboy set, Tetris became an instant classic.

As said before, the premise of Tetris is to line up blocks the game gives you and delete the rows at the bottom of the screen in an attempt to get the highest score you can. It's simple yet addictive. The game, like other versions of Tetris, is fun and enjoyable, but what sets this version apart is its legendary music. The music is really the icing on the cake, some of the best the Gameboy has to offer; the iconic Theme-A, the more upbeat Theme-B, and the more peaceful Theme-C all fit wonderfully with the game. What this version also boasts is a 2-Player mode where you can compete with a friend to get a high score via the good old link cable and it's a lot of fun.

This review was short but sweet, mainly because Tetris is such a simple game and almost everyone has played it before. If you haven't played Tetris before (somehow), this verison is definitly good to start with.

Tetris for the Gameboy gets a 9/10!

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As always, Emulation is an option, but not advised as you don't get the true experience the actual game gives.

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