Today's review is Super Mario Land! Give it a read!

PLEASE NOTE: New Reviews will now come on weekends, I'm really busy during the week. If you'd like to help me with the site, I can try to do reviews daily, but I'm too busy during the week to do reviews. However, I'll do 2-3 reviews per weekend, so I'll still be doing reviews, just not during the week. :)

I also need help with the news section of the site, trying to find news, do reviews, and update the site regularly is hard for one guy to do, so the news section here may be a bit lacking on the gaming news, but as always I'll try my best to get some news from time to time. :)

Also, If you play on Steam or are on Facebook, feel free to add me! I need friends! (I only have like 10 on Steam and about 30 on Facebook lol)
So feel free to add me! I'll be adding a Steam Group and Facebook Group for GBW soon! Cheers!
-Chris (site owner)

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