I agree that it is true that Nintendo's future new games are easily predictible, and Gamespot editor, Tom Mc Shea, agrees as well. 
    He says that "Coming soon to a Wii U near you are the latest iterations of franchises that anyone who has a mild interest in the industry saw coming a mile away. Nintendo's hallowed Tokyo studio tries its hand at another Mario platformer, Eiji Aonuma vows to "rethink the conventions of Zelda" in his latest attempt to top Ocarina of Time, Yoshi enters a world that looks strikingly like Kirby's Epic Yarn and Mario Kart and Super Smash Bros. add more fuel to the flames of friendly competition."
    Could Nintendo be running out of ideas? I feel that Nintendo needs to attempt to create a new franchise that will make the Wii U a more popular console, as it seems current Wii owners don't want to move up to the new Wii U as it's not much of a jump from the Wii and most of the titles coming out for Wii U are of franchises that the Wii already has. With the Wii being dirt cheap these days and gamers being light on money these days, Nintendo has to come up with something new or they face being shrugged off as just another game company. I know that they are more than that.

-Chris (site owner)

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