Ah, the old BAT logo, now in 8-bit glory.
Ellis as she's spinning around before the title screen. This is what BAT looks like on a Super Gameboy (SNES add-on)!
Here's what the gameplay looks like. Not bad graphics for GB!
Good news! It was Nintendo!
You look awfully happy for someone who's unhappy! I'm availible! Do you like Gameboy games?
Ah, good old BAT. Now that I'm back, let's do a review! The somewhat underground fighting game made by Takara that has since gotten a small cult following. I practially grew up playing the original on my Playstation and BAT2 on my PC (yes, I actually own a physical copy. They're actually quite rare to find!), and I loved them. When I heard there was a Gameboy version of BAT1, I was skeptical at first. I then played the game and realised it was amazing.

For a fighting game on a handheld, BAT on Gameboy has to be the best for Gameboy there is. It's basically a 2D remake of the 3D Playstation/Sega Saturn versions of the game, and its fluent controls, smooth gameplay, and the fact it actually plays and feels like the console versions all make it a great game.

After you turn on your Gameboy and see the Takara logo, you're greeted by Ellis doing a spin. Just awsome. You'll also see that all the game modes are here as well from the console versons. The roster of fighters is what you'd expect, all 8 fighters from the console versions are here, though they look more anime styled than the realistic style the console version went with. Once you pick your fighter, you get a small cutscene of how/why they entered the tournament, a feature not seen on the console versions!  It's intresting to see how the fighters got thier start.

'How's the fighting?', you ask. It's fantastic. All the special moves from the console versions are here, and the game itself plays extremly smoothly. The music is a whole 'nother ball park...

The music, my god, the music. It's amazing. They managed to take the awsome music from the console version and beutifully convert it to the Gameboy's 8-bit sound chip. Not much else to say about the music.

Like the console versions, you fight all 8 fighters, including a few new challengers (who are actually bosses) and you'll unlock upon defeating them, as well as yourself at the end. This is awsome, because you couldn't play as bosses on the console versions.

The difficulty is well balanced. Easy is easy, Medium offers a slight challenge while not bieng frustratingly hard for new players, Hard takes some serious practicem and the higher difficulties are where the game whoops you, but hey, they're higher difficulties for a reason. I guess you could say Easy or Medium are good difficulties if you're new to the game, and Hard and above offer a challenge to seasoned players.

BAT on Gameboy took me by suprise. I expected a half-assed clone of the 3D BAT games, but what I got was a kick-ass 2D fighter for the GB! I give BAT on GB a 9/10.

You can buy BAT pretty cheaply these days, so I highly recommend you pick this one up.
If you want to try it for free or don't own a Gameboy, emulation is always an option.
Buy from Amazon: http://www.amazon.com/Battle-Arena-Toshinden-Game-Boy/dp/B00002SVFA

This has been a GBW Review of Battle Arena Toshinden for Gameboy!
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